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Milk drinks


Chal is a traditional Turkmen drink made from fresh milk of camels. Its cooking method is so exotic that you can taste a real camel chalice only on the territory of Turkmenistan itself, because the special taste of the product is achieved thanks to the scorching sun, and its shelf life is very short - only a day.
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Despite the Arabic name, which literally translates to “incomparable,” marjoram gained its first popularity in another country. Residents of Egypt preferred to give a bouquet of fragrant greens as a recognition of the delightful qualities of the recipient. Now such presentations look strange, and the plant is used as seasoning, or for medicinal purposes.
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Doctors specialties


Orthopedics is one of the sections of clinical medicine and surgery. Orthopedists study the mechanisms of development of deformations and functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Doctors also work with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of malformations, congenital abnormalities, the effects of mechanical injuries or diseases that have affected the skeleton.
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Medical services


In order for a person to hear well, his tympanic cavity must be closed on the side of the external auditory canal and not contain extraneous structures, tissues or bodies other than the auditory ossicles. The eardrum must be complete, moderately taut, elastic. The auditory ossicles (malleus, incus, and stirrup) are normally connected to each other by easily movable joints, the oval window is connected to the stirrup base by an elastic ring.
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Medical research and diagnostics

Magnetic resonance angiography

The research method by which it is possible to obtain accurate images of internal organs and soft tissues without using X-rays is called magnetic resonance angiography. The essence of this diagnosis is the release of electromagnetic energy, processed using a personal computer, in the process of irradiating a patient with radio waves of a strong magnetic field.
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Disease symptoms

Darkening of tooth enamel

A snow-white smile, which is also often called "Hollywood", quite often is a dream of many people and a great decoration for the appearance and presentability of a person. In order to be truly awarded with such a high-profile name, it must meet many criteria, including the correct bite, and even dentition, and white and clean enamel, and the absence of plaque on the teeth.
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