Carcinoma causes

Causes of carcinoma are a combination of various factors that cause cancer and lead to its progression and development. A carcinoma is a malignant tumor that occurs in various internal organs of the human body for various reasons independent of each other. Science still can not accurately say where the cancer comes from, and what could be the factors of its occurrence.

In this article, we will try to figure out what provokes the appearance and development of such a disease, what factors can cause the disease, and at what age it can appear. Let us also consider the main reasons for the development of the most common types of cancer from a physical and spiritual point of view.

Psychosomatics of oncological diseases

The psychosomatics of oncological diseases is also closely studied by specialists. Psychology identifies some psychological factors that can significantly affect the development of cancerous tumors in the human body. One of the most common causes, according to statistics, is severe stress, which causes disturbances in the immune system, which is a beneficial environment for the appearance and spread of cancer cells.

And you should know that a severe state of depression develops in the elderly and at a fairly young age. Sometimes such manifestations are also characteristic of young children. For example, a strong disappointment in parents, a lack of trust in them and a loss of contact can develop into severe psychological trauma.

In some cases, an emotional malfunction occurs against the background of strong feelings of loss of a loved one or some important and serious thing that occupies a significant place in life: office, housing, or something else.

Other psychosomatic causes that cause such a serious illness: pessimism, a state of complete despair, the inability to overcome life's difficulties, hidden insults.

Orthodoxy has its own views on the factors that accompany the oncology. The Orthodox Church believes that the spiritual cause of such an illness lies in the sacred depths of the human soul. When he refuses to obey God's commandments and laws, thereby pushing himself into the abyss.

For example, according to church officials, abortion is considered the most eloquent spiritual cause of cancer. The laws of the Christian faith prohibit artificial termination of pregnancy, as well as the use of contraceptives, because it is a sin. And medical luminaries confirm this fact with the fact that abortions lead to serious complications, and sometimes lead to death.

Parasites and fungal infections

The main reason for the emergence and spread of cancer cells is a strong decrease in immunity, which in turn can occur against the background of chronic infectious intoxication caused by various parasitic organisms. Parasites such as viruses, worms, yeast, and fungi often pull vital micro and macro elements out of the human body for life and offspring. Which in turn are necessary to neutralize poisons and toxins, synthesize proteins and hormones, and tissue regeneration. This is the basis of the parasitic theory of cancer.

The most common pathogens of cancer are the mucus and yeast of the genus Candida. It is believed that the spread of metastases in the body is caused by the divergence of the yeast fungus in various internal organs. A developing tumor is nothing more than a barrier built by the body’s immune system to protect against candidiasis or thrush.

Malnutrition is the cause of cancer

One of the reasons for the development of cancer cells is considered to be malnutrition. The fact is that many products that we know from childhood contain some carcinogens: trans fats and simple carbohydrates. Such substances with uncontrolled consumption can cause the development of the disease. Protein foods, especially meat and cow's milk, are considered the most carcinogenic. Therefore, in order to avoid pathological processes, a balanced diet should be followed, with a predominance of plant foods.

But you should be careful in the case of vegetables, because they may contain nitrites and nitrates - the strongest carcinogens, and smoked foods have a carcinogen benzapyrene. Therefore, when compiling a healthy menu, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of such products.

In addition, improper nutrition provokes a lack of useful vitamins and minerals necessary to ensure the vital functions of the body. So, for example, with iron deficiency anemia occurs, which can cause the development of various diseases leading to a decrease in immunity, and, as a consequence, to the occurrence of cancer.

Causes of cancer in women

The most common oncological diseases in women are:

  • breast cancer
  • cancer of the female genital organs: uterus, appendages, ovaries.

Such diseases with timely access to medical care have a very high chance of recovery. But due to the carelessness and carelessness of women, as well as the careless attitude to their own health, they do not pay attention to the first alarming calls, which leads to neglect of the disease and in many cases to death.

Other causes leading to cancer in women are:

  • heredity;
  • lack of pregnancy and childbirth;
  • late onset of menopause or early onset of menstruation;
  • the presence of concomitant diseases: diabetes, obesity, hypertension, HIV, HPV;
  • living in industrial areas or in areas with increased radiation;
  • taking hormonal drugs during menopause;
  • taking contraceptives for more than ten years.
  • abortion during first pregnancy or first pregnancy after thirty years.

To prevent the onset and development of oncology will help timely access to a doctor, annual diagnostic tests, as well as the exclusion of various adverse factors from lifestyle.

Causes of various types of cancer

The main reason for developing cancer of the oral cavity is smoking or chewing tobacco. With each cigarette smoked, the risk of carcinoma of the mucous membrane of the mouth, gums, lips, salivary gland or jaw increases several times. And if at the same time there is an abuse of alcoholic beverages, then this number is growing exponentially. Also, such a disease can be caused by maxillofacial injuries or mechanical damage.

Carcinogenic tobacco smoke can also cause neck cancer. Moreover, both smokers themselves and those who inhale smoke in a passive way are at risk. The most common causes of abdominal cancer are:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • stress
  • hormonal disorders;
  • prolonged exposure to the sun or abuse of a solarium.

In heart cancer, the main factors provoking the development of the disease are poor ecology, carcinogens, bad habits, as well as atherosclerosis and a predisposition to blood clots.

Genetic predisposition is also the main cause of oncological diseases of the spine.

Some scientists say vaccines are another cause of cancer in adulthood. Based on his suspicions that vaccination leads to a decrease in immunity, which in turn provokes the development of cancer cells.


The causes of serious and serious diseases, which include carcinoma, are many. There are psychological and spiritual factors, malnutrition and a sedentary lifestyle, living in ecologically polluted areas and abuse of ultraviolet radiation, a tendency to bad habits and other factors. But the real true reason for the onset and development of cancer lies in the disruption of the immune system caused by various processes.

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