Disease symptoms

Skin peeling

Peeling of the skin from a physiological point of view is an excessive separation of dead epidermal cells. Despite the stereotype that the fight against such an ugly manifestation on the face and other parts of the body is exclusively for the weaker sex, it often affects men.

Regardless of the specific cause of the anomaly, it can affect people with any type of skin, from oily to combination skin. But most often, redness along with peeling is fixed nevertheless among owners of dry dermis, since their upper layer is considered the most favorable medium for separating a huge number of flakes that have already worked out their life.

Traditionally, the primary source of unpleasant symptoms with localization in the head, arms, legs are adverse external factors.

It got too hard water used for washing, as well as polluted air due to living in an area with a terrible environmental situation. To a sad outcome, when a person is also affected by itching, the activity of aggressive cosmetics, household chemicals, and incorrect fulfillment of personal hygiene covenants are often applied. All this leads to the fact that the patient requires a professional, long-term treatment with a mandatory comprehensive approach to solving the problem.

The main sources of peeling

Regardless of whether the victim has encountered a problem around his mouth or on his fingers, he will first need to make an appointment with a cosmetologist or even a dermatologist. Otherwise, local therapy, which includes just a cream, some lotions with decoctions of medicinal herbs, will not help much.

This is explained by the fact that for many victims, dryness, together with the operative necrosis of the epidermis, is not due at all to the influence of harmful detergents and cleaning products. They are carriers of the ichthyosis gene, which manifests itself at an early age in the child. A pathology of a dermatological nature is often taken by ordinary people for traditionally dry skin.

In fact, ichthyosis is inherited, representing a strong peeling, which occurs an order of magnitude more intense than those who have not received a problem gene. In addition to the fact that in men and young ladies the torso is covered with a layer similar to artificial snow, the diseased areas are also periodically unbearably scorched.

Here, only an experienced doctor can talk about how to get rid of the disease. Otherwise, the situation, which has been ignored for years, will get out of control, making the body gray-white. The upper layer is covered with small scales, which have a different color palette: from pearlescent to clearly pink. In this situation, not a single mask or ointment made "according to my grandmother's recipe" will help.

Difficulties are added by the fact that such staining progresses continuously, only the location of a new focus of inflammation changes. As soon as the slightest negative effect is exerted on the irritated zone, the inflammation mechanism starts again. Against this background, many victims simply do not know what to do and how to remove unattractive manifestations at home, because even ordinary soap can become an aggravator of exacerbation.

No less often, the culprits of abundant separation of surface cells are other dermatological diseases:

  • seborrhea;
  • psoriasis;
  • pink lichen;
  • systemic lupus erythematosus;
  • dry erythema.

There are cases in medical practice where the skin near the eye, on the eyelids, elbows, nose, palms was affected by a fungus. It is diagnosed even in newborns. But adults are more often affected by the consequences of destabilization of the internal organs of a chronic course, or secondary syphilis.

Of particular note is the huge family of various dermatitis, which fell into three main categories:

  • atopic;
  • contact;
  • allergic.

All of these diseases lead to the fact that the victim has to oppose excessive education with the subsequent accumulation of dead skin cells, which ends with traditional peeling.

If during the examination it turns out that it is not cosmetics that become catalysts for well-being, but systemic ailments cause irritation, then the therapy should be comprehensive. This means that first you need to eliminate the lesion itself, and only then work on healing the cracks. Without a detailed laboratory diagnosis, it will not work out how to treat the deviation.

Among the factors of external influence, the most common culprits for peeling lips and other parts of the body are:

  • alcohol-based care products;
  • excessive passion for peeling;
  • prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, as well as overdoing it with a solarium;
  • unsuitable for the type of skin shower gels, shampoos.

In second place is vitamin deficiency, which is equally common in women, infants, and the stronger sex. Here the root of the problem should be sought in an acute lack of vitamin A. In addition to the fact that the absence of such a vital element in sufficient quantities leads to flaking in the groin, on the chin, its deficiency often provokes dry eyes. In especially advanced cases, the clinical picture is supplemented by pustular rashes in a child with a weakened immune system.

According to some studies, a lack of vitamin B2 also negatively affects the appearance of a person. This is especially evident on the forehead, near the wings of the nose, on the cheeks, in the ears, or near them. Helper markers are acquired purple shade of the tongue, as well as small cracks in the corners of the mouth, which no oil softens.

No less often, anomalies of this kind on the eyebrows, feet, between the legs cause various hormonal disorders. Most often, the general state of female genital hormones, or the secretion of the thyroid gland, knock down the general condition. Together or separately, this leads to a significant decrease in natural elasticity, even if the victim was initially oily skin. The most striking example of this kind is hypothyroidism. This is the name of the disease, because of which the level of production of thyroid hormones decreases several times.

The situation is even worse for women during menopause, when, along with dry feet, they begin to be affected by a greater number of wrinkles, as well as sagging, which no type of scrub can significantly hide.

Why is my face peeling

Most often, ladies are interested in how to deal with the abundant separation of dead cells on the face. Doctors attribute this to the fact that their sebaceous glands work a little differently from the representatives of the powerful and the baby.

The most frequent catalyst for the face to itch and peel is the lack of sex hormones, which affects the general indicator of skin elasticity. Estrogen, which is a female hormone, may cease to be enough during the menopause, internal malfunctions. Unsuitable care products that worsen the appearance of the neck worsen the situation.

If the victim is the owner of sensitive skin, then he will have dandruff, as well as peeling of various localization will be observed in winter, spring and generally year-round. In order not to worsen health, such patients even have to abandon the usual towel wiping. Instead, in order to avoid a rash in open areas, they are advised to pat their bodies with soft rags, or napkins.

The easiest way to fix the situation when it comes to the numerous spent cells on the face and lower leg caused by vitamin deficiency. It is enough just to take care of the enrichment of the diet by including fresh vegetables and fruits in the daily menu that do not cause allergies in the patient.

You will also need to attract vitamin-mineral complexes, which at the same time will help remove acne. A trip to the beautician will complement the picture. A specialist will advise on the best nutritional creams, folk remedies that are suitable for a particular person who has applied.

There are frequent cases when it turns out that the face is covered with coarse scales, since an allergic reaction has entered into force. Usually it also includes redness. Irritation occurs not only due to aggressive toners or face sprays, but even after tanning due to contact with open ultraviolet radiation.

As a prevention of white plaque, you should follow a few simple recommendations:

  • use only delicate products with a hypoallergenic effect;
  • apply a moisturizer after each wash;
  • use sunscreen according to the season.

Moreover, it will be necessary to apply UV protection to increase its productivity about half an hour before the expected exit from the premises. So premature pigmentation will not threaten a person. Accurately say how to smear a face, a treating dermatologist can.

Doctors warn that it is especially necessary to relate to dryness, covered with eyelid scales. In most cases, the presented clinical picture indicates a symptom of serious diseases, among which trichinosis appears. So they call an ailment of parasitic origin, which is provoked by worms.

The formation in the form of a spot is no less dangerous, which suggests a nascent demodicosis. A little less often, the ciliary mite becomes the main culprit of swollen eyelids, in which burning is felt.

In order not to reach the moment when the problem gets out of control, it is worth immediately after finding alarming signs for qualified help. This is confirmed by numerous reviews of people who delayed a visit to the doctor for too long, which significantly worsened their quality of life. It is especially dangerous to delay with anomalies in the upper and lower eyelids during pregnancy, adolescents, children, adults with chronic diseases such as diabetes.

And even more so, do not try to look for practical recommendations through the forum. To determine whether the patient was struck by dangerous microorganisms, or if he lacks vitamins, only a doctor is able based on the results of the tests. He will tell you how to eliminate the external manifestations of the disorder by making an individual treatment course.

Peeling of the head

If an ugly whitish coating on the knees usually causes only aesthetic inconvenience, then peeling on the head adds the risk of hair loss.

The traditional sources of damage are increased dryness of the skin, which is transmitted genetically. In the second schematic place is an unfortunate choice of shampoo, balm, conditioner.

Not always even a good tool, advertised everywhere, can ideally suit a specific organism. Because of this, at first a small irritation begins, which quickly turns into dandruff. The latter "loves" to localize foci. In this situation, only an experienced trichologist will recommend the optimal medicine.

But not always red skin with a layer of dead cells indicates a bad shampoo.

This may be an echo:

  • seborrheic dermatitis;
  • psoriasis.

It will not work out on their own here, and when you try to wait until "everything goes away by yourself", you can endure the spread of inflammation in the auricle. The mentioned deviations are even found in dogs, cats, guinea pigs, turtles, puppies, goats.

Among the external aspects of the adverse effects note:

  • prolonged exposure to the open sun without a hat;
  • excessive passion for styling products;
  • daily hairstyles created with a hairdryer, electric tongs.

When contacting a cosmetologist in all these cases, it will turn out to get advice on how to moisten the overdried cover to restore the natural environment.

Peeling on the arms and legs

Considering an abnormally large number of dying epidermal cells on the upper limbs, you will have to study a long list of their focal localization.

Most often, inflamed areas are found on:

  • hands;
  • fingertips or pads;
  • folds near the elbow joints;
  • forearms;
  • wrists.

Occasionally, inflammation progresses so much that it reaches even the armpits, gradually descending to the abdomen.

Whatever rashes on the shoulders puzzled the victim, the first thing to do is to exclude aggressive chemicals from daily routine. It can be both powders that leave marks even on the back, as well as cleaning products. Some particularly sensitive patients even suffer from water that contains heavy particles.

But in this case, peeling will be noted not only at the nails and on the hands, but also near the hips, on the chest, in the intimate zone, because the whole body is washed with the same water. That is why doctors recommend not trying to mask peeling using a foundation, and not looking for how to remove the syndrome, the name of which they do not know, on their own.

It is likely that the source of skin disease, prone to dryness, were:

  • eczema;
  • psoriasis;
  • dermatitis of various origins.

When the patient’s attack began suddenly, accompanied by itching, burning, then with a high degree of probability the diagnosis will include the mention of some kind of dermatitis. Not only local lotions, but also medications will help to cure it. The algorithm for how to clear the lamellar peeling of various tablets, the specialist will explain.

All the same can be diagnosed to people who are faced with problematic irritation of the heels, the entire sole, calves.

But with damage to only the lower extremities, the likelihood of a number of other diagnoses increases:

  • fungal infection;
  • diabetes;
  • hyperhidrosis;
  • fluid deficiency.

Each individual case has its own recipes. Almost all courses of treatment for legs with peeling require mandatory intake of vitamins to support the functioning of the liver and blood vessels.

In rare cases, psychosomatics or cancer is not excluded. Cancerous neoplasms of a benign and malignant type are found even near the nipples, testicles, on the labia, buttocks, scrotum, penis, around the anus. Therefore, if you find strange peeling in the perineum along with itching, you should immediately consult a doctor. Do not try to look for what the oncological lesion of the foreskin looks like, or find out how herpes on the pubic part differs from mycosis.

Diagnosis should be entrusted to professionals in their field, who will conduct a thorough in-depth analysis, in order to then determine how to cure the pathology.

When peeling in children is the norm

In infants, local peeling is often traced, which doctors rarely mention when visiting a pediatrician. In some children, a similar clinical picture persists until adolescence, fitting into the normal state.

But much more often a round or shapeless whitish plaque with dryness indicates the onset of an allergic reaction. The focus of inflammation can be localized both on the temples and on the nose, in the region of the nasolabial triangle.Parents notice an unusual change in the epidermis at about 3-6 months, when the baby offers to try complementary foods. Here, the use of other foods instead of allergens, which leave marks on the cheekbones, becomes the most effective means of neutralizing dead scales.

Since in the first years after birth, babies have not yet received a developed physiological protection against negative environmental factors, the epidermis reacts sharply to:

  • essential oils for bathing;
  • frost;
  • sunburn.

Some young organisms thus protest after antibiotics. But in any case, the first step towards successful treatment should be to contact a doctor. He will determine if the rash with scarlet fever struck the baby, and then he will tell what helps with the diagnosed staphylococcus. An experienced doctor will also advise after-use moisturizers that soften the damaged dermis very well.

Do not resist the need to undergo testing for parasites. In infants, pinworms and roundworms provoke peeling on the back of the head and other parts of the body, just as lichen would do.

How is the diagnosis

To understand whether it is necessary to deal with ordinary consequences after shugaring, shaving, surgery, exposure to fruit acids during peeling, biorevitalization, it will not do without diagnosis.

The first visit to a dermatologist begins with a preliminary diagnosis based on an initial examination. This helps to study the nature of the spots, the clarity of the outlines, color. Separately, the accompanying sensations are taken into service when the diseased area is still itching, baking.

Sometimes complaints include a fever, headaches, weakness, impurities in the urine, vomiting, and joint discomfort. All this must be taken into account, in order to better understand how to cope with the disease.

Patients with HIV, people with senile disorders, patients with demodicosis, and other global lesions deserve increased attention.

If it is impossible to immediately diagnose the disorder, the victim is sent to undergo tests for cancer, syphilis. Sometimes allergy tests are required.

Based on the results of laboratory tests, the complaints of the victim, his hereditary predisposition, the dermatologist concludes that the body is missing, prescribing complex therapy.

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