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Removal of multiple scrotal atheromas

Atheroma is a skin neoplasm. Most often, it is formed as a result of the clogging of the excretory duct of the sebaceous glands in the hair sacs. The development of atheromas is very similar to the formation of cysts, which is caused by inflammatory processes in the skin or mechanical damage.

What are multiple scrotal atheromas

Most often, such a disease is diagnosed in male patients, since the work of the sebaceous glands directly depends on testosterone. They can be observed mainly in the area of ​​the scalp, but there are frequent cases when they appear on the head, neck or chest.

Recently, doctors have increasingly begun to diagnose atheromas in men in the scrotum. In this case, it is located in the thickness of the skin. Outwardly, it looks like a dense rounded elastic neoplasm that is soldered to the skin of the scrotum. If the mouth of the hair sac is not tightly closed, then the outside of the atheroma will look like black eel. Without timely treatment, they gradually increase, but basically their size does not exceed one and a half centimeters. In appearance, multiple atheromas of the scrotum are of a light shade.

The ather of the scrotum has the ability to disappear on its own. This is due to the fact that this area is constantly in the process of friction, as a result of this, mechanical microtraumas occur. Therefore, they themselves open up and then disappear.

There are frequent cases when, after removal, the pathological process occurs anew, that is, a relapse occurs. In this case, the neoplasms begin to multiply. The worst case is when the neoplasms completely cover the scrotum. This pathological process is already called atheromatosis.

In medicine, there is such a thing as a secondary neoplasm. More often this is diagnosed in males who suffer from various skin diseases, including seborrhea. In this case, the formations are similar to cyanotic tubercles, and when you click on them, the patient has a sharp pain.

What consequences may begin

If a man does not turn to specialists for help in time, then the atheromas will begin to open and heal on their own. Sores across the entire surface will also begin to appear. It often happens that purulent discharge begins to appear.

If you notice the first signs of a pathological process, then you should immediately consult a doctor for help. Atheroma itself is safe, but perhaps the cause of its appearance was a serious pathology.

Delete or not delete

As we said above, such a disease is not dangerous for the human body, but it is worthwhile to find out the causes of its appearance.

The doctor may prescribe removal in the following cases:

  • the neoplasm is continuously increasing in volume;
  • It is located in places of vascular joints and prevents the full supply of blood to the male genital organs;
  • nearby tissues are inflamed;
  • sharp or aching pain when clicking on a sore spot;
  • unpleasant sensations, namely, itching and burning;
  • the neoplasm is filled with purulent discharge;
  • unaesthetic appearance, which causes a number of complexes in men.

Before the treatment of this disease, it is necessary to undergo a complete diagnosis, which includes instrumental and laboratory methods. The most common and effective form of therapy is surgery. If the cystic formation is small, then perhaps the doctors will choose a wait-and-see tactic. Just sometimes the pathological process goes on its own. If the doctor diagnoses a large neoplasm and at the same time it grows progressively, then a surgical treatment technique is needed. There are four main types of operations.

Open operation to remove atheroma

In this case, the patient is given local anesthesia. Doctors make an incision and remove everything under the skin sac, and then remove the capsule itself. In this case, infection is possible. If doctors have the opportunity, then they make a large incision and carefully remove the capsule itself. After this, the incision is sutured. The disadvantage of this procedure is the scar that may remain after the operation.

Laser removal

This technique refers to minimally invasive. Removal occurs due to the fact that the affected area of ​​the skin is susceptible to heat.

As a rule, laser removal is resorted to when the neoplasm is small.

At the time of surgery, the skin is dissected using a laser, and the thermal effect begins to evaporate the contents of the skin sac. As a result of such an operation, the doctor does not use any instruments other than a laser. This technique is great for patients who have poor blood clotting. After such treatment, the patient has practically no scars.

Removal using the Surgitron apparatus

Removal occurs as a result of exposure to radio waves. This technique is considered the fastest and safest. Thanks to the high-frequency radiation, the outer cover and the inner capsule of the formations die off. During removal, the patient does not experience pain. After the procedure, scars are completely absent and the patient is quickly restored.


The technique uses electric current, as a result of which the neoplasm is destroyed. The operation involves the removal of not only the cyst, but also the vessels that surround it. Therefore, do not worry about possible bleeding. A similar technique is used only if atheromas are not inflamed and have a small size.

During the operation, the skin is cut using a scalpel-like electrode, the doctor clicks on the affected area and everything comes out. Doctors remove the capsule itself with a spoon and tweezers. The advantage of the procedure is the complete absence of scars.

Postoperative period

As after any operation, the postoperative period begins. After removing multiple atheromas on the scrotum, the doctor prescribes antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drug therapy. This will speed up the healing process.

If after removal the man notices a seal, then you can use local anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and wound healing drugs. Very well helps Vishnevsky ointment. To do this, apply a compress of gauze, well-oiled ointment. Thus, it is possible to clean the place damaged after the operation and prevent the development of the infectious process.

It is very important for men to monitor the health of their genitals. Therefore, at the slightest suspicion of atheroma, it is necessary to contact specialists for appropriate assistance, undergo a series of diagnostic measures and begin treatment. Remember: your health is only in your hands.

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