Nutritional supplements

Magnesium Carbonate (E504)

Magnesium carbonate is considered a camp of emulsifiers. It is marked on labels marked E504. Its main responsibility is a positive impact on the shelf life of the finished food product.

Despite the fact that there are quite a few different components with an identical spectrum of action, not all of them are capable of boasting at least relative safety in relation to the consumer’s organism. The emulsifier presented is an approved component that has been tested by the relevant services for latent threats to consumers.

Chemical properties

Typically, the formula of the tool does not say anything to the inhabitants, as well as its physical characteristics, which are a powdery consistency. Instead, people are interested in whether this element is harmful to health when used continuously. But if the food supplement is still approved for use in the home country, then this indicates the absence of serious suspicions on the part of doctors regarding its alleged harm.

Magnesium carbonate does not have any specific aromas or aftertaste, therefore, it is possible to recognize its presence in food only by reading the composition on the product packaging.

In addition to the fact that E504 helps to prolong the storage period of a product ready for sale, its reactions make it possible to guarantee the consistency of the consistency needed by the manufacturer. This is explained by the fact that the emulsifier acts as such a binding agent.

Its main task is the ability to combine those components that, if natural conditions were preserved, it would not be possible to mix. And if all the same it was possible, then the resulting mixture could not be called a homogeneous mass, even with a strong desire.

Manufacturers resort to using a similar substance, if necessary, to bind together fats and water, as well as oil and water. In nature, this will not work. After the food industry took a long step forward in this matter, the ability to combine the unconnected interested the representatives of the pharmacological sphere.

Despite the fact that for mass use, carbonate is obtained in laboratory conditions with the use of synthetic materials, it will also be found in wildlife. This is an organically active substance that can be found when studying the characteristics of magnesite.

But in order to get a bigger exit, as well as save time, experts went a short way. To obtain an emulsifier in sufficient quantity, it is necessary to carry out the deposition of soda ash using a solution of magnesium sulfates.

Where to look for a supplement?

The most common mention of E504 is found on confectionery packaging. It can be:

  • chocolates;
  • desserts with cocoa;
  • jam;
  • jam and marmalade;
  • confiture;
  • canned fruits and ready-made compote;
  • cream and cheeses;
  • other sweets.

Since the food additive is included in the list of officially approved, some believe that eating foods with its inclusion can be in unlimited quantities. In practice, doctors advise to adhere to the daily dosage. It is usually calculated on the basis of the consumer’s chronic diseases, age and weight.

If you cross the line, you can seriously harm not only the cardiovascular system, but also get a negative response from the nervous system.

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