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Garlic juice

There are historical facts confirming the cultivation of garlic in ancient China. Initially, an aromatic plant was used to make a healing potion. Later, people appreciated the taste of garlic and began to use it in cooking.

Surprisingly, the positive effect of garlic on the human body was identified long before it became possible to explain the cause of the healing effect. Today it is known that the use of this product stimulates the production of hydrogen sulfide in the body. Since the substance is produced in small quantities, it does not poison the body, but contributes to its purification from toxins. Garlic juice, which contains a loading dose of trace elements and vitamins, is used in cooking, traditional and traditional medicine, cosmetology.

The composition of garlic juice

The advantage of using garlic juice is its rich chemical composition and quick effect. It contains flavonoids, nicotinic acid, mustard oil, copper, manganese, iodine, potassium, iron, calcium, sodium and phosphorus. Also, the extract is rich in B and C vitamins. The pronounced aroma of the vegetable confirms the rich content of essential oils.

In this case, the juice is not an acid, therefore, it is not able to destroy tooth enamel. But a sharp specific smell and an active effect on the body excludes the possibility of using it as a main product in unloading juice diets.

Beneficial features

Garlic juice is an excellent antioxidant, therefore it is used to treat and prevent vascular and heart diseases. In addition, this plant belongs to the onion genus, and, like other members of the class, is an excellent immunostimulant.

Our ancestors used garlic itself and its juice as a medicine against viruses and colds. And not in vain, the allicin and phytoncides contained in the composition prevent the spread of pathogenic microflora and increase the protective abilities of the body. At the same time volatile, which are part of the composition, do not disappear during prolonged storage. In the spring, when the body suffers from vitamin deficiency, and seasonal vegetables and fruits are still missing, the healing juice becomes a real salvation. Additionally, the chemical composition of garlic has a protein that positively affects the production of antibodies that protect the body from the negative effects of the environment.

Eating small doses of garlic juice helps to normalize blood pressure. This happens due to the fact that the composition contains substances that strengthen the walls of blood vessels and prevent their narrowing. At the same time, it is an excellent prevention against heart disease. It has been proven that regular use of a few drops of an extract of an aromatic plant over the course of 5-6 months helps to improve the condition of hypertensive patients without the use of medicines.

You can not refuse the use of garlic and those who monitor the cholesterol in the body. Allicin removes excess cholesterol and prevents the formation of plaques in blood vessels.

And this is not a complete list of the valuable properties of this unique plant!

The chemical composition of garlic juice

To make sure that the use of this extract really carries great benefits for the body, consider the approximate content of beneficial substances in one garlic head:

Vitamin B10.2 mg
Vitamin B20.1 mg
Vitamin B30.7 mg
Vitamin B50.6 mg
Vitamin B61.2 mg
Vitamin B93 mcg
Vitamin C3 mg
Phosphorus150 mg
Iron1.7 mg
Zinc1.2 mg
Potassium400 mg
Magnesium25 mg
Selenium15 mg
Manganese1.7 mg
Calcium185 mg
Sodium17 mg
Nutritional value per 100 g of juice
Water58 g
Squirrels6.4 g
Fat0.5 g
Carbohydrates33, 1 g
The energy value149 kcal

How to cook at home

The process of making juice at home is not associated with large time costs or the use of sophisticated technologies. To get a valuable extract, use a quality vegetable, with no signs of rot or drying.

Phased cooking process:

  • divide the head of garlic into the teeth, peel and wash each of them;
  • chop the vegetable using a special press or with a knife;
  • put the prepared gruel in gauze and squeeze the juice carefully (you can use a coffee strainer instead of gauze);
  • Ready juice can be consumed in pure or diluted form, and also used for cosmetic or medicinal purposes.

To freshly squeezed extract had a more delicate taste, garlic can be pre-baked in the oven. In this case, only bitterness and bright aroma will disappear, useful substances will be preserved in full.

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A cure for cancer

Garlic can be used as a prophylactic against cancer cells, so it must be present in the diet of smokers. And in general, this vegetable is also called natural chemotherapy - many traditional methods of combating various types of cancer are built on its basis.

Restoration of the normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract

Drinking juice helps stimulate the production of enzymes involved in digestion. In addition, this product is the prevention of gas accumulation in the intestine.

Support brain function

With age, blood circulation in the body worsens, and the brain also suffers. Reception of garlic juice helps restore normal blood flow in the vessels of the brain and prevent the development of the so-called senile dementia.

Male power

It stimulates the production of testosterone, is an excellent prevention of infections of the genitourinary system and inflammatory processes in the prostate gland. Positively affecting the bloodstream, the juice contributes to good potency.

Anti-aging agent

The elixir of eternal youth has not yet been invented. But more and more experts are inclined to believe that garlic juice will be the basis of this unique potion - this extract counteracts the aging of the whole organism.

Recipes of traditional medicine

With osteochondrosis, such a remedy will help - mix 200 ml of garlic juice and 500 ml of vodka, let it brew for 10-14 days. To use the prepared solution for external use, rubbing sore spots with it. To enhance the effect, you can wrap a down scarf over it. It is better to make compresses at night, when there is no need to leave a warm room.

To combat age-related changes, prepare an elixir, the recipe of which was invented several centuries ago - chop 400 g of vegetable and squeeze the juice, mix 24 lemons with the juice. Store in a glass jar in the refrigerator. It is not recommended to use it in its pure form, as it is possible to make a burn to the mucous membrane of the mouth and harm the tooth enamel. Dissolve a teaspoon of the drug in a glass of warm water, and drink in small sips. Daily use will normalize the circulatory system, add tone and vitality.

To combat viruses and colds, a mixture of lemon juice, garlic and honey (1: 2: 2) will help. The prepared medicine not only has a detrimental effect on the pathogenic microflora, but also tastes quite good. Evening tea drinking with a spoonful of vitamin mixture helps to strengthen the immune system and a good healthy sleep.

With a long runny nose, you can make drops in the nose, which are composed in equal proportions of carrot juice and garlic juice. After reviewing the reviews of those who personally tried this recipe, we can talk about the excellent effect - the mixture breaks through even sinusitis, eliminating the need for surgery.

The same drops can be dripped into the ear with frequent otitis or painful sulfur plugs. But, to exclude the possibility of a middle ear burn, olive oil should also be added to the mixture.

Hair and skin masks

If you want to accelerate hair growth and make the hair more thick and healthy, it is recommended to rub the juice directly into the scalp. You can make such masks 2-3 times a week. You do not need to wrap your head in this case - irritation may occur when heated.
And the remaining gruel from the preparation can be mixed with honey - the resulting mixture has high antiseptic properties and is suitable for cleansing problem skin of the face, treating acne and blackheads.


Contraindication to the use of garlic and juice from it is a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer, epilepsy, anemia, pathology of the kidneys, severe bowel function disorders. Mothers who breast feed babies are also recommended to abstain from this product - milk acquires an unpleasant odor and taste. Exceeding the daily dose threatens gastrointestinal tract disorders and internal bleeding.

Knowing everything about the benefits and dangers of this vegetable, it is easy to avoid mistakes using traditional medicine recipes.

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