Healthy eating

What you want, what is missing and where is it contained

Hunger is not just a thirst for food, when the body feels a calorie deficit. Sometimes the human body with its desire for a particular product tells you what trace elements or vitamins it lacks. But since the brain cannot explain what the body needs, the stomach takes on this function, sending signals in the form of food addictions. Here are some of the signs that the body lacks certain chemicals.

What do you wantWhat is missingWhere is contained
Type of food
Fatty foodCalciumLeguminous, bean, broccoli, sesame, cheese, mustard, turnip, different types of cabbage
Salty foodChloridesFish, sea salt, goat milk
Sour foodMagnesiumFruits, Beans, Nuts, Seeds
Fried foodCarbohydratesFresh fruit
Spicy foodIronBeans, Spinach
SulfurCranberries, broccoli, seafood, eggs, leafy vegetables
Bitter foodCleanse the bodyArrange "unloading" the body
Liquid foodWaterWater with lemon or lime (8-10 glasses per day)
Solid foodWaterTo drink a lot of water
Smoked foodCholesterolRed fish, olives, nuts, avocado
Starchy foods
BreadNitrogenFish, Beans, Meat, Nuts
Potato chipsChlorides
PizzaFatty acidSalmon, Flax Seeds, Walnuts
OatmealCelluloseVegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals
BuckwheatMagnesiumSeeds, hazelnuts, legumes, legumes, fruits
NutsEssential Fatty AcidsSeeds, Sea Fish
SquirrelsMeat, Fish, Legumes
SodiumApple Cider Vinegar, Sea Salt
PeanutVitamins BMeat, fish, beans, cereals, eggs, liver, brewer's yeast, nuts
Sunflower seedsVitamin EOats, nettles, rose hips, liver, peas, beans
RaisinsPotassiumPotato, bean, cereal
Meat, fish, seafood
Red meatIronBeans, Spinach
Sea kaleIodineWalnuts, apples, persimmons, dark grapes, champignons
A fishPhosphorusEggs, liver, chilli, legumes, nuts
TunaTyrosineSoy, Eggs, Beans, Parmesan, Beef
HerringOmega 3Walnuts, seeds, beans, soy
ChloridesGoat milk
Milk products
CheeseOmega 3Sea fish
CalciumWhite beans, salmon, sardines, figs, cabbage, almonds, sesame seeds, seaweed, orange juice
Cottage cheeseCalciumWhite beans, salmon, sardines, figs, cabbage, almonds, sesame seeds, seaweed, orange juice
MilkCalciumWhite beans, salmon, sardines, figs, cabbage, almonds, sesame seeds, seaweed, orange juice
TryptophanLiver, lamb, spinach, raisins, sweet potato, lentils, fish, cheese, eggs, oatmeal
ButterVitamin DNuts, seeds, liver, yolks, herring, sour cream
Egg yolkZincMeat, Seafood
EggsVitamin B9Green leafy vegetables, beets, cereals, legumes, fish, beef, liver, milk
CabbageVitamin UAsparagus, Brussels sprouts, bell peppers, carrots, turnips, beets
CarrotVitamin ABlueberries, liver, apricots, celery, yolk, sea buckthorn
OlivesIodineDark grapes, seaweed, walnuts, seafood, persimmons, apples
TyrosineRed fruits and vegetables, lamb, vitamin C, liver
Fruits, berries
LemonVitamin CLeafy greens, red peppers, kiwi, strawberries
Potassium saltsSpinach, cucumbers, dried fruits, potatoes
WatermelonPotassiumRaisins, buckwheat, spinach, walnuts, peas, kohlrabi
BananaPotassiumTomatoes, figs, white beans
MelonPotassiumCorn, chard, seaweed, peas, avocado, prunes, beef, oatmeal, cauliflower, fish and seafood
CalciumCheese, sesame seeds, corn, cottage cheese, legumes, legumes, sesame seeds
PhosphorusChicken, beef, liver, fish, eggs, siliculose, legumes
MagnesiumLeguminous, bean, seeds, nuts, buckwheat, fruit
Dried apricotsVitamin ABlueberries, beef liver, egg yolk, carrots, sea buckthorn, mountain ash, celery, apricot
Berries (cranberries, currants)Vitamin CCauliflower and red cabbage, green peas, red pepper, germinated cereals
PotassiumCorn, chard, seaweed, peas, avocado, prunes, beef, oatmeal, cauliflower, fish and seafood
SaltVitamins BNuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains, fruits, vegetables
ChocolateMagnesiumLeguminous, bean, fruit, seeds, raw nuts
SweetsChromiumGrapes, broccoli, cheese, beans, chicken, veal liver
CarbonFresh fruits
PhosphorusPoultry, fish, liver, eggs, dairy products, legumes, grains, nuts
SulfurCranberries, Horseradish, Cabbage
TryptophanLamb, liver, cheese, spinach, sweet potato
The drinks
AlcoholProteinDairy products, seafood, poultry, red meats, nuts
AveninOatmeal, granola
CalciumTurnips, broccoli and all kinds of cabbage, sesame, legumes, cheese
GlutamineRaw Cabbage Juice
PotassiumBananas, olives, decoction of potato peels, seaweed, herbs
CocoaMagnesiumLeguminous, bean, seeds, nuts, buckwheat, fruit
Coffee TeaSulfurDifferent types of cabbage, celery, onions, peppers, garlic
PhosphorusPoultry, fish, beef, eggs, dairy products, nuts, beans
SaltApple Cider Vinegar, Sea Salt
IronFish, meat, poultry, seaweed, greens, cherries
Carbonated drinksCalciumTurnip, mustard, broccoli, legumes, sesame seeds, cheese
Cold drinksManganeseBlueberries, Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans
Constant hungerTryptophanLiver, raisins, spinach, potatoes, lamb meat, cheese
TyrosineAll Vitamin C Products, Orange and Red Fruits and Vegetables
SiliconNuts, seeds
Permanent hunger during PMSZincRed meat, offal, seafood, leafy vegetables, root vegetables
Lack of appetiteVitamin B1Liver, offal, legumes, seeds, nuts
Vitamin B3Leguminous, bean, seeds, poultry, beef, pork, fish
ManganeseWalnuts, almonds, blueberries, pineapple, pecans
ChloridesGoat milk, sea salt
Other addictions
Craving for inedible (ice, clay, mud, chalk)IronFish, meat, poultry, greens, seaweed, cherries
To smokeSiliconSeeds, nuts
TyrosineVitamin C, red and orange fruits

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